Wednesday, 16 February 2011

How to shoot your baby

One of the reasons I have convinced my wife to spend pile of money on DSLR was that were waiting for a baby. Point and shoot cameras are not too good at that, as usually you are shooting indoors and you cannot use flash. Thus DSLR with fast lenses (See my post on choosing main lenses) is very nice option. Following are the tips which I learned during my shooting:
- avoid dressing your baby with various strange stuff (like rabbit ears etc.); it simply looks cheap;
- find a moment when your child is awake: you can see a lot of pictures of sleeping babies (in their first months), but not so much of ones with open eyes;
- don't forget the parents;
- try to catch emotion - the image will be much stronger; it means that you shoot not when you want but when your child dictates (sometimes on crazy times);
- and the most important - perspective! A lot of people shoot their babies while standing near the bed or then one of parents is holding him in its hand; lay down, see from the baby's level.

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